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Eyelash Extensions After Care

After Care

  • Oil-Mascara is not recommended (including on bottom lashes),  because  it may dissolve the glue bond to  natural lashes .But an oil-free mascara is recommended. 

  • Avoid any oil base product over your eyelash extensions before and after lash application. The lash cleanser should be your last step after facial cleansing. ​

  • When removing makeup, dip a cotton swab in oil-free makeup remover and roll under the eye.  This removes residue without pulling on your gentle eye tissue. 

  • Keep lash dry at the first 24 hours after lash application , avoid  any sweat-workout, even if you aren't able to avoid this , shampoo your lashes before you the workout be completed with your lash cleanser to remove sweat and proteins. This will keep the life of your lashes! 

  • Lashes extensions may be damaged when you sleep face-down.  

  • Make sure your eye mask  doesn't crush or compress your eyelash extensions. 

  • Do not rubbing, pulling, picking on your eyelash extensions. Using a  goggle when shower or sleep ,it will protect your lash extensions. 

  • Do not brush your lashes  too much! It may damage your lash extensions or it fall out pretty quick. 

  • Use a lash cleanser before brushing at morning and night . 

  • Do not poke or extensions with your fingers, it may deliver dirt or oils extensions , it may loose the bond of the adhesive.  Keep your fingers off your lashes 

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