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Eyelash Extensions Precare

Preparing for your appointment

  • In order to make eyelash extensions to stay on lash longer , come to your appointment  with keeping eyes free of mascara ,eyeliner, eye-shadow,   eye cream , foundation and residual oils. Do not use oil-based   removers to clean lashes before the application. 

  • Clean your eyelashes with oil-free  professional eyelash foaming cleaner or oil-free facial foaming cleaner.


  • Heavy caffeine intake before appointment is not recommended because of coffee jitters.  Please avoid that before the application. 

  • Please reschedule your appointment if feel itchy, irritated eyes. 


  • Do not use a eyelash curler. 


  • If you are using contact lens, please bring your lens case and remove before the application. Do not perm  lashes before or after lash treatment. 


  • Please leave 1 to 2.5 hours for your appointment. 

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