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Testimonials from Smiling Lash Lounge's clients


I have been getting eye lash extensions for about two years now, and David has easily been the best technician I have ever had! 

David will be able to give you exactly the look you want whether it be a natural set of lashes or a more glamorous look. In the past, some lash places I went to were at times painful when being applied, and I found the lashes themselves to feel quite heavy. David is extremely gentle and I never felt the heavy, "false lash" look on my eyes. 

I highly recommend David for both new and experienced eye lash extension fanatics. He'll walk you through the process and make sure you get the look you desire.


I've had eyelash extensions a couple of times before elsewhere. It was always a long, tiresome, and uncomfortable experience. David did my eyelash extensions with care and gentleness. There's different quality lashes to choose from. But from my experience you're better off choosing quality over budget. It's a world of difference between comfort vs irritated eyes. David customized his technique toward my lash count, length, and texture so it'd still look natural but full on my sparse, barely there lashes. It feels great to go mascara free!

Yangfei Zhou

I was nervous to get my eyelashes done because I have heard horror stories (eyelashes falling out, pink eye, etc.) 

I saw David's reviews on another site and there were only positive things to say, which I am so happy I trusted my gut and went with him! 

He wants to make sure you're happy with what you get and also makes sure your eyelashes can handle it - he's very knowledgeable and knows what he's doing. 

I LOVE them!!! I also love that I don't have to put on mascara anymore!! (Sometimes do on my bottom lashes). I also LOVE the curl on them



Tori K

David was so kind and professional. He offered me a complimentary fill when I had some issues with my first set of lash extensions, and I’m loving this set! Highly recommend if you’re in the area and looking for a good lash extension place!

Monica Aldulescu

David does an amazing job!  I was afraid at first to have them done but after getting them they were fabulous and natural!  I have a lazy eye and he was able to put the lashes on so that you don't notice my lazy eye anymore!  He truly is the best!  My daughters go to him too when they are in town and love him too!


David is by far my favorite lash tech, listen to your needs and takes good care of you, he is amazing!I would never go any where else!                                         

                          Ying Palsson

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