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Why Products Important For Lash Extensions Aftercare

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Both Stylist and clients want the eyelash extensions to stay on lash longer, in order to make it,

Aftercare / Maintain is essential, eyelash cleanser, coating, Growth serum and other oil-free products very helpful. Mink eyelash extensions,Individual Eyelash Extensions (Include Faux Mink Lashes),Volume Eyelash Extensions(Include 2D volume,3D volume,6D volume), Lower Eyelash  Extensions, all these extensions are ok to use aftercare products. That is the reason why stylist introduces different products to you. Even the products cost, in long run, it pays itself, as it may let you fill less than every 2 weeks even 3 weeks if products be applied properly. At least make your lash look fuller before Filling.

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