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Eyelash extensions pros and cons

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Eyelash extensions pros and cons
Eyelash extensions pros and cons


1.Wake up with makeup. Lots time after waking up be saved.

Many clients of Smiling Lash Lounge tell,"I don't have to spend time to make up in the early morning,to loo k after my eyeliner, eyeshadow even eyebrow, Eyelash extensions do the job."

2.Customized for each one. not 2 person's eyelashes/face/eyeshape are the same,your needs vary from one to another. You probably need nature style, may need dramatic Volume style sometime for special events.

3.Enhance eye's shape. Some eyes look droopy, eyelash extensions can enhance them.

4.Mascara not required. Eyelash extenions dark and curl,it is designed to repalce mascara.


1.Cost .It varies from $120 to $300. treatment time takes 1-2 hours depends on how many lashes you have.

2.Need maintain even it just takes less than 1 mintue.

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