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Smiling Lash Lounge Offers Long-lasting, Amazing-Looking Eyelash Extensions 

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Makeup has been the go-to when it comes to adding depth to one's eyes. However, it is fast being replaced with yet another fad in the beauty and cosmetic industry - eyelash extensions. They are no longer a luxury enjoyed by celebrities alone. Thanks to the availability of budgeted eyelash extension services, they have become a popular choice with women considering a low-maintenance look.

Lash extensions add definition to your lash line. They brighten your eyes like no makeup can do. And that too with minimum effort! Hard to pass up, right?

If you are looking for professional eyelash extensions near me, this location is your one stop solution. Based in Lisle Illinois, this business title has emerged as a trusted brand in the beauty segment. As a specialists they offer a full-range of customizable services to help create a look you desire, whether it is about filling in a sparse lash line or designing a bold dramatic look.

The Lounge is backed by a team of trained and licensed stylists who leverage their expertise in the field to deliver highly-personalised looks. According to stylists , nailing the lash extension look involves factoring in the facial features, eye shape and the client's personal style and look. Simply getting a professional lash extension near me doesn't suffice.

To add, they also elaborate on the issue of retention. Contrary to what many believe, lash extensions are not a permanent application. Their lifespan is heavily dependent on the natural hair growth cycle and aftercare measures. The extensions are glued onto the natural eyelashes. They are either applied lash-by-lash, or pasted in bunches (clusters of 3-8 lashes), where adding volume is the primary goal. When the natural eyelashes fall as part of the natural shedding cycle, the extensions fall off too. In some cases, shorter natural lashes are unable to support longer lash extensions causing them to fall off.

Lash extensions typically last for 4-5 weeks. After this, maintaining the look requires replenishing the extensions in places where they have fallen out. Stylists recommend filling in lash extensions every 2 to 3 weeks.

Experts also emphasize the importance of keeping the extensions dry, especially during the first 24 hours after application. They advise against exposure to moisture in all forms - sweat, water and steam. It needs to be dry to enable the adhesive to cure properly. Oil, makeup residue and products also break down the adhesive causing your extensions to fall out.

The stylists offer various solutions to prolong the longevity of their lash extensions. For instance, using a foaming cleaner to clean out extensions and wearing goggles when showering or swimming. They also suggest sleeping on one's back against sleeping face down to protect the extensions. The secret to their longer-lasting lash extensions lies in their use of superior quality extensions and professional grade adhesive. The customisation options are endless. From silk, faux mink and flat extensions, there is a great variety in material choices. One can also choose the length, thickness, curvature and colour as per liking and desired look. We offers lightweight, affordable options making them your best bet for quality

Ready to spice up your look with natural looking eyelash extensions, without the daily hassles of makeup?

Do visit us for professional lash services

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